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Artificial Intelligence - Automate intelligent solutions

We help you to automate important decisions through AI and implement digital business models.


Your added value through artificial intelligence

Get more revenue with AI. Tie your customers to your company and increase their willingness to buy.


5Analytics AI Software Platform ADA

The platform to operationalize R & Python code within the scope of web services.



Our solution helps you to use information immediately and to react in real-time. Whether in risk assessment, customer support or production processes, AI can identify and report anomalies and automatically initiate improvements.

5Analytics KI Platform ADA

The 5Analytics KI platform ADA is your operating system for artificial intelligence. With it, you can develop, implement and integrate intelligent solutions in the shortest possible time, based on existing R or Python scripts.

5Analytics Demo

You want to learn more about the 5Analytics solution and test it using your own data? We will gladly provide you with a free demo version and advise you in a personal interview. Get in contact.

Innovative software solution for your needs

Use artificial intelligence to fit your needs and tailor it to your specific industry. With a small amount of time and money, you can already be on your way to digitalization today.



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